What People are Saying

Schools, companies, and professionals across the country have used programs from the Which Ad Pulled Best? Suite. Here’s what some of them are saying:

“I found the WAPB series extremely useful for testing and refining advertising principles.  The availability of test scores makes the book invaluable for students of advertising.”

J. Scott Armstrong
Author of Persuasive Advertising
Professor of Marketing
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“The most valuable part for me are the recall and persuasion data.  Students are amazed that advertising can have ‘numbers’ associated with ads.  When I query the class for their opinion as to which ad ‘pulled best,’ students are confident of their responses.  Only the data can convince them otherwise.”

Jackie Kacen
Clinical Professor, Department of Marketing
C. I. Bauer College of Business,  University of Houston

“WAPB is a great way to educate and encourage marketers.”

Director of Marketing,  Pharmaceutical Company

“WAPB is one of the most successful teaching tools I have ever used. Students always want to know what works. Asking them to choose which of two ads pulled best, and then defend their choice, reliably leads to grounded, thoughtful discussion of basic principles, and stimulating in-class debates.”

Edward F. McQuarrie
Professor of Marketing
Leavey School of Business,  Santa Clara University

“I always include a session in my advertising class on “Which Ad Pulled Best.” I use this information to show how advertising research is conducted and to let the students try their hand at deciding which ad pulled best. This is an effective way to discuss what tends to work well and why. I like the fact that the ads are current. Students have seen some of the ads before. Other ads are new to them as they are targeted toward another group. The background information on how the tests are conducted is important information, which I do share with my students.”

Karen L. Stewart
Professor of Business Studies,  The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey