Which Ad Pulled Best? On-Site Training

Intensive and Informative, for Marketing Teams

Which Ad Pulled Best? Training is an intensive, on-site half-day program in which participants explore the principles of effective print advertising through an analysis of actual ads that have been tested based on real-world research techniques. By illustrating these principles through a series of carefully selected ads, course participants internalize fact-based understanding of the relationship between print content, format, and ad effectiveness. The course includes a review of print advertising as a medium and closes with an interactive analysis of ad pairs where participants are asked to apply these lessons to determine whether or not they can identify Which Ad Pulled Best?

Since each company has its own approach to creative development, we customize the content of this course to work with your company’s marketing objectives and illustrate the principles of advertising so they best reflect your specific product category and advertising strategy.

  • Help your marketing team become more confident about executing and approving print advertising creative.
  • Interactive structure encourages course participation and team-building.
  • Reinforce a framework for thinking about print advertising content quality.
  • Help your marketing team apply key factors that influence print advertising effectiveness.
  • Fully customizable content to suit your company’s needs.