Which Ad Pulled Best? eLearning

A Self-Guided Tool For Marketing Professionals

This is an instructive and fun, and effective learning tool for marketers to explore the principles of effective advertising at their own pace.

Over the course of a year, 12 pairs of G&R-tested ads are presented online to your team for consideration and discussion.  The pairs have been chosen to illustrate practical principles of advertising effectiveness.  Team members evaluate the pair, pick which ad he or she thinks is the strongest execution, and is then given immediate feedback about the research-based results.  The feedback includes detailed discussion of why the one ad outperformed the other.

  • Convenient, self-guided, allows professionals to participate at their own pace.
  • Anchors creative teams in the selling side of advertising.
  • Reinforces elements that influence the effectiveness of an ad among for veterans.
  • Introduces newcomers to the principles of effective advertising.